Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bathing Beauties

Romantic and calming

When it's cold outside, and it's dark at 5pm, I just don't want to go out at all.  It's a struggle to even stay awake on the sofa!  One of my favourite things to do to banish the winter blues is to have a bath: hot, bubbly, candles, the works.  It's about one of the only times I really relax (although sometimes, unbeknownst to the recipients, I do make phone calls from my watery office)and having a gorgeous bathroom is high on my list of priorities.  The only thing I really don't like in my bathroom are towels that are so soft that they don't actually dry you (just feels as if the water is being smeared over you) and I also really dislike those HUGE bath towels - I just trip over them and feel smothered.  Here are some of the bathing-rooms I'm currently eying up...

Perfect for reading in the bath!

French Chic


Italian marble

His and Hers

 LOVE this huge basin and tailors dummy
Pictures courtesy of Maison et Jardin/Compagne Decoration  

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